Teaser Tuesday 2/2/2016: “Three Men Out”

So this week, in addition to Boneshaker, I’m reading Eight Three Men Out, by Rex Stout, a trio of Nero Wolfe novellas, in which Wolfe does not travel to Montenegro.  Ah, things are back to normal …


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Teaser Tuesday 1/26/2016: “Boneshaker”

So this week I’m reading Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest, in which the release of rogue technology destroys much of Seattle and unleashes a toxic gas, known as the Blight, that kills most things it touches, and reanimates some of those things as the living dead.  In other words, it’s just like the launch of Windows ME.



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Random Acceptance: “Blue Murder” Magazine

So every once in a while when I reach into my giant stack of correspondence to find a Random Rejection, I pull a Random Acceptance instead. This is one of those times.

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Teaser Tuesday 1/12/2016: “The Black Mountain”

So here I am still reading The Black Mountain, by Rex Stout, months after starting it — not because it’s a long book or because it’s a slog but because it’s made of paper, and if I attempt to read a paper book anywhere near Saya the Mighty she will try her best to steal it and shred it, and we can’t have that, now can we?


The actual Black Mountain itself. Lovcen-008-p1010045. Licensed under GPL via Commons.

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Not A Review Of “Jessica Jones”

What’s this? Two “not a review” posts in a row? Inconceivable! But true. You see, some may remember that a couple of years ago my wife got hooked on crystal methBreaking Bad“, AKA “The Best Show Ever“.  It took a while for us to get through all the episodes, after which I was charged with finding my wife another show to watch.  Not surprisingly, this turned out to be a pretty tall order.  Aside from the six-episode “Happy Valley“, I didn’t have much luck coming up with anything that held her interest.

Until now.


Pick a card. Any card.

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Not A Review Of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

So this week we (meaning I) finally got around to watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron“.


Q: How many Avengers does it take to stop one renegade robot?
A: All of them, plus a few extra.

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That Was The Year That Was

2015 isn’t quite over yet, but I already received this interesting set of statistics for the year from Goodreads. They unfortunately don’t seem to have provided a way to easily share it to WordPress (because, you know, everything only goes to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest these days), so I copy-and-pasted it into a post. The nice formatting didn’t carry over, but you get the gist of it — most of what I read this year was, it seems, pretty average. And I didn’t quite make it to 5 books a month in 2015. I will have to try to do better next year!

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