Not A Review Of “Maleficent”

So recently we watched “Maleficent“, in which the titular villain from “Sleeping Beauty” gets the Wicked treatment:


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Teaser Tuesday 6/16/15: “No Hope For Gomez!”

So this week I’m reading No Sleep Till Brooklyn No Hope For Gomez! by Graham Parke. This is the humorous story of one Gomez Porter, a subject in an experimental drug trial who begins to have strange experiences that he documents on his blog. Hmm, strange experiences documented on a blog? That sounds familiar

Unisex bathroom. Check shoes, sombreros, video games, and automobiles at the door.

Unisex bathroom. Check shoes, sombreros, and automobiles at the door.

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Not A Review Of “Whiplash”

So recently we watched “Whiplash“, in which J. Jonah Jameson, having tired of terrorizing cub reporters, decides to start terrorizing musicians instead.


“You can’t HANDLE the tempo!”

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Teaser Tuesday 5/26/15: “The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town”

So recently I’ve been motoring through my pile list of unread books on the Kindle, not because I suddenly have more time to read, but because about a year ago — that’s how far behind I am — I evidently picked up a number of stinkers from BookBub and/or Pixel of Ink. This surprises no one who has seen my Netflix streaming queue. (In case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen a series of one-star ratings from me on Goodreads, it’s because I have a sort of policy about not rating books unless I get a good way into them, say, 10-15%, before I quit. Ah, the digital age, when we measure our reading progress in percentages rather than pages. But I digress.) But fortunately, I just arrived at The Uncanny Valley.

Not the Keebler Elf factory.

Not where the Keebler Elves make cookies.

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Not A Review Of “Birdman”

So over the last week or so we watched the film “Birdman“, in which Michael Keaton plays a washed-up actor who used to play an avian-themed superhero named Batman Birdman.


Not “Batman”. Also not “Jackie Brown”. Also not “The Paper”. Also not …

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