The Early Years: Rabbit, Goldie, and Twister

A couple of weeks ago, I posted something I wrote as a kid, Rabbit’s Journal, something that I later learned is called a “typecast” (probably from a combination of “typewriter” and “podcast”). That seemed to be pretty popular, and so, I now present the continuing adventures of Rabbit Rawlings (yes, he had a last name … all my stuffed animals did).  For this one, I evidently had an assist from my brother John, although I couldn’t tell you who wrote what.

If you made it all the way through that paragraphless passage, you’ll have noticed that Rabbit wound up in jail again, and promptly escaped.  (He’s got a rap sheet as long as your arm, that one.)  You may also have noticed that we nice Italian kids evidently thought that Leonardo da Vinci was French.  The shame!

10 thoughts on “The Early Years: Rabbit, Goldie, and Twister

  1. I think it is pretty cool that you were so young and thinking about “truth in advertising.”

    You must of had some interesting relatives! 😉

    Jim says: Yes, or else my relatives had some interesting relatives … 😉


  2. Jim,
    I’m probably responsible for @#%%**//%#, and maybe even “hag”. I love that word.
    The rest is all you.

    Jim says: Hi John! I’m sure you contributed more than just comic book swear words and “hag”, but equally sure that those are indeed yours! 😉


  3. Thanks, Jim. You’re too kind. I can just see us downstairs in the sewing room collaborating on those epics. We must’ve had a grand time.


  4. BAM! WOW! CRASH! Were you watching Batman on TV then? 🙂

    Jim says: That is a distinct possibility; and we didn’t know the 60s series was supposed to be a comedy, so we took it seriously!


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