Not A Review Of “Kingdom” Hats

So not long ago, I watched the first season of the new Netflix series Kingdom, a zombie thriller that also happens to be a Korean period piece set at the very end of the 16th century.


Ooh, shiny.


I very rapidly got hooked by Kingdom‘s combination of royal intrigue (a la Game of Thrones), gorgeous scenery and cinematography, and its clever use of zombie tropes to achieve some scenes and effects that are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My wife, however, got hooked by a different aspect of the show.

Wife: “What’s up with those hats?”

Yes, Kingdom features what has to be the most epic array of headwear I’ve ever seen. Indiana Jones and Dennis the Vizsla had their fedoras. Annie Hall had her wool hat. Prince had a raspberry beret. Blossom had … whatever that thing was. But nobody has ever had anything like the hats on this show.

Wife: “He looks like a pilgrim.”

Yes, there are hats that looks like pilgrim hats. There are hats that look like chef’s hats. There are hats with giant feathers on poles sticking up on each side like reindeer antlers. There are hats that have beads hanging off them. There are hats that look like pretzels. There are hats that look like butterflies. There are hats that look like:

Wife: “Abraham Lincoln!”

You can even buy some of the hats on Amazon. But those are the more boring ones.

Wife: “Did they really wear hats like that?”

I did some checking and apparently, yes, they really did wear hats like that. Sadly, I could not find a collage or mash-up of every piece of headgear in the show, and the descriptions I’ve given here can hardly do justice to the variety and quality of chapeaux on display. To truly understand the majesty of the millinery, you really have to watch the show. Which kind of means you have to like zombies, or else know when to shut your eyes and plug your ears and go “La la la la la I don’t see or hear zombies” for a while. If you can time it just right, you can maybe pretend you’re watching a Korean production of “Hamlet” or something.

Alas, poor Yorick. He had a bitchin’ beret, Horatio.

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