Random Rejection: Mindmares

This week’s random rejection comes to us from the small press magazine Mindmares.  The story in question, “Feeder”, is about how much May loves her sweet little birds, and the lengths to which she goes to provide them with yummy suet.  Given that this story comes out of my splatterpunk days, you can sort of imagine how she goes about it.

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“The Lord of the Rings” Film Trilogy

This isn’t actually going to be a review of The Lord of the Rings films, for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s common knowledge that LotR is the Best. Movie. Trilogy. Ever.
  • Everybody has already seen them anyway.*
*If by some misfortune you haven’t seen them and haven’t read the books, this post will contain major spoilers.

So, no, this is not a review.  Instead, it’s an anecdote, which I hope you will find amusing, about what happened when I finally managed to get my wife to sit down and finish watching the films.

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The Early Years: Jack-O’-Lantern

A while back my parents sent me a big package full of old school papers and such, whence I got the, um, amazing space battle drawing that I posted a few weeks ago. Reaching into this package today, I discovered this small exercise in giant block-letter printing, in which the moon has what may be an overly familiar relationship with a pumpkin:

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New Feature: Scene-Of-The-Month

This is a feature that my wife suggested a while ago:  Putting up a few random paragraphs from my books once a month or so.  She also suggested putting up a poll so readers can choose which book they want to see excerpted.  My wife is so smart!  Here’s the poll:

The books are tagged (broadly) by genre:  “F” for Fantasy, “H” for Horror, and “DF” for Dark Fantasy (essentially fantasy with a strong horror element, or horror with a strong fantasy element).  At the end of the month, I will choose a scene at random from the book with the most votes and put it into a post.  I won’t choose scenes that give away major plot twists, but other than that, pretty much anything will go.

I’ve decided to start with the prologue from my nowhere-near-finished werewolf novel (unimaginative working title:  The Wolf).  It’s a very short scene, but I like it.

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It Had To Happen Someday

I had been wondering for a while if this would happen … one of the agents whose (ancient) form rejection letter I recently posted came across the post and added a comment in response.  What did he have to say?  Read the thread and find out.

Welcome to the wonderful world of new media, where you can get a lengthier comment on a simple blog post than you would ever get on a rejection letter!

Review: “The Graveyard Book”

As you can see by my sidebar, Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors; I’ve loved all of his books except one — his children’s book, Coraline, pretty much left me cold.  I can’t really explain what I didn’t like about Coraline; it just didn’t grab me the way Gaiman’s books usually do.  I was interested to see if The Graveyard Book would be different, and it sure was.

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