Teaser Tuesday 5/20/2014: “Jazz Funeral”

So this week I’m reading Jazz Funeral, by Julie Smith, a murder mystery set in New Orleans. This is book #3 in a series featuring detective Skip Langdon. Since I got it for free off the BookBub mailing list, I didn’t have the luxury of going back and starting at book #1, but so far that doesn’t seem like a big deal.


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Teaser Tuesday 5/13/2014: “The God King”

This week’s teaser comes from The God King by James A. West. The God King and The Golden Queen are no relation, despite having similar names.

"Shire? ... Baggins?"

“Shire? … Baggins?”

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Teaser Tuesday 5/6/2014: “The Golden Queen”

So this week I’m reading The Golden Queen by Dave Wolverton, which starts out looking like a whimsical Irish fantasy novel before turning into a galaxy-spanning science fiction epic in which several adventurers and a talking bear (because why not?) with a name like a vacuum cleaner attempt to drive the conquering alien insectoid race known as the Dronon out of human space.

"This isn't the Hundred Acre Wood."

“This isn’t the Hundred Acre Wood …”

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