Not A Review Of “The Last Jedi”

Last week we (meaning I) finally got caught up on the current* state of “Star Wars” by watching The Last Jedi, AKA The One Where Luke Is Old And Grouchy And Chewbacca Eats A Porg.

Mmm, porgecue!

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Teaser Tuesday 5/12/2018: “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls”

So this week I’m reading The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, a horror/dark fantasy/historical/possibly semi-autobiographical novel by the violinist and pop/punk/cabaret/sort-of-unclassifiable singer Emilie Autumn.


Pippi Longstockings is NOT in the house.

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The Early Years: Jim Can Do Pull-Ups And Stuff, But You’d Better Hope He Doesn’t Have To Come Running To Save You

A few weeks ago I was putting something away in the closet and noticed the stack of old papers (writing, report cards, permanent records, etc.) that my folks sent out a while back, and I realized I hadn’t done an “Early Years” in, like, forever*. So I rummaged around in there looking for something fit to print. And lo! Here is something about being fit. Close enough.

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