Buffy Scenario: “Dracula”

A while back I posted an Angelus scenario for the “Buffy the Vampire Slayerboard game from Hasbro, which eventually drew a comment from a fellow Buffy show and board game fan who praised the scenario for being so in tune with the spirit of the show. I replied to this reader that I had a number of other “Buffy” scenarios that I had created, and said that I would post them over the course of the last few months. So far I’ve posted my scenarios for the episodes “Halloween” and “Hush“, but I’m still not done! Here is my scenario for the episode in which Buffy went up against the most notorious vampire of all. And no, it’s not this one:

It’s this one:

Well, maybe not it’s not quite that version of  … ooh, pivots!

A 5th Season Scenario for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game from Hasbro

Dracula, the greatest vampire of all, is in town to face the Slayer and make her his own.

Evil Set-up:

Dracula has 4 fight dice and 4 magic dice. He has 12 life points. Dracula starts on the Vamp X space in the Factory.

Dracula starts with the Three Sisters as minions. Use Spike, Darla, and Drusilla pawns to represent the Sisters. They have 2 fight dice and 1 magic die, as normal vampires do. Start one on Drusilla’s start space, one on Spike’s, and one on Darla’s. The Sisters have eight life points apiece. Dracula is able to summon other minions normally.

Special Artifact:

Dracula has no Story Artifact. Use four regular artifacts instead.

Evil Objective:

Destroy or sire Buffy.

Good Set-up:

Substitute Riley for Oz. Riley has 2 fight dice and one magic die. He has 8 life points, and becomes wounded when reduced to 5 life points. When moving, Riley rolls an extra movement die. When attacking, Riley can choose to spend one life point to roll one additional attack die. Riley can carry the same number and types of cards as Buffy. Riley starts in the Lowell House elevator, with a weapon card.

Whenever Riley is wounded, he may return to the Adam Start square in the Initiative for treatment. For every turn that Riley remains on this square without moving or fighting, he regains one life point, up to his maximum. (Riley can use Help or Research cards while recuperating.)

Good Objective:

Destroy Dracula.


The Riley help card cannot be used in this scenario; if drawn, discard it.

If Dracula is reduced to X life points by normal damage, he is not considered killed and will re-form with 5 life points on his next turn. The Evil player decides where Dracula will re-form; roll his movement dice to determine the maximum distance from the square he was killed that Dracula can be placed on. In the turn he re-forms, Dracula cannot move or attack, but his minions can. If it is daylight, Dracula cannot re-form outside. If his movement dice roll does not allow him to reach cover, he is destroyed. To destroy Dracula, he must be dusted with a wooden weapon or trapped outdoors at sunrise.

Every time Dracula or one of his minions rolls a Moon Phase, he regains one life point, up to his maximum.

In addition to normal vampire-siring abilities, Dracula has the ability to hypnotize humans so that they are under his control. This control lasts until the player rolls a Moon Phase on his movement dice. To hypnotize a human, Dracula must attack and roll fangs according to the rules for siring a vampire. He can do this without a Sire a Vampire card. A human under his control will retain, but cannot use, Help and Research cards. He or she may continue to use Weapon or Artifact cards. A human under Dracula’s control should be treated as a sired vampire, except that he or she is still human. Restore Soul cards can be used to break Dracula’s control. A hypnotized human can be sired with one fang regardless of his or her Wounded status. Dracula cannot hypnotize a human carrying garlic or the cross weapon.

If all three Sisters surround a male human on three sides, and at least one of them rolls a fang on her attack dice, they may also hypnotize as per the rules for Dracula. All three Sisters do not need to attack for hypnosis to occur.

If an evil character attacks a hypnotized character (e.g., a Siring attempt fails), the hypnosis is broken and the character reverts to its original player’s control on his or her next turn.

You can download a PDF of this scenario from here.

Being a one-off villain (at least during the show), Dracula didn’t have any major agenda or big plan to destroy the world; he was just in town to see what sort of mischief he could get up to against the Slayer, but I had fun coming up with the game mechanics for a vampire who did things that other vampires couldn’t. And of course, he appeared in the first episode of the absolutely epic fifth season, and fans of the show know that the biggest Big Bad of all is coming up soon. And did I write a scenario for her?

Of course I did.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Board Game Scenario: “Hush”

So a while back I had posted an “Angelus” scenario for the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” board game. A fellow “Buffy” board game player commented that the scenario captured the spirit of the game better than any other “Angelus” scenario she had read (apparently there are a lot of “Angelus” scenarios out there), so I said that I would post the few other scenarios I had created, back over a decade ago, when I apparently had time to do things like that. Previously I posted a “Halloween” scenario, based on an episode that was mostly notable because it introduced recurring villain Ethan Rayne and also had this guy Oz start to notice this girl named Willow, who seemed to always be involved in shenanigans. Here’s another one, for the episode “Hush“, which is widely considered one of the best episode of “Buffy”, or, indeed, of, well, any show, ever. Because if you’re going to tackle converting an episode into a game scenario, you might as well aim high. No, higher than that. No, keep going …

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“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Board Game: Halloween

Having recently finished (more or less) getting Television Man out the door, I’m taking a little break before starting my next project (because of course I have one) to do something I haven’t done in the past — ask indie book blogs for reviews.  For those who might be looking to do the same, there’s a good list of indie book reviewers at The Indie View, sortable by date, searchable by genre, that you can use as a resource to find people who might be interested in writing a few words about your novel.  None of the review sites listed at The Indie View charge for reviews.

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Not A Review Of “Orphan Black”

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that I’ve been watching BBC’s “Orphan Black” since the first episode. “Orphan Black” is, of course, a show about a vast conspiracy to create, monitor, monetize, and sometimes terminate human clones, which is totally up my alley, right?

I see a mouse ... and horsies ... and a butterfly ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and ...

I see a sheep … and horsies … and a butterfly … and Tatiana Maslany … and Tatiana Maslany … and Tatiana Maslany … and …

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“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: The Board Game

So it’ll certainly be no surprise to anyone who’s read more than, like, two sentences here that I was a fan of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show. But I also, back in the day when I had more free time, was a fan of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” board game. What’s that? You ask, “There was a BtVS board game?” Well of course there was.


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#FearTWD #BecauseTheyBuiltAn #AmusementPark On #CatalinaIsland

So apparently the Walking Dead have constructed an amusement park in Avalon on Catalina Island — excuse me, “Catrina Island” — in an attempt to draw in more victims. You may want to visit Two Harbors instead.

Here’s what Avalon looks like from a similar angle when it’s not being overrun by the living dead and their ambitious waterfront redevelopment endeavors:


Avalon apparently had a post-apocalyptic building boom.

And of course the panoramic view:


From the air, we can sort of get an idea of where the “Catrina Island” ranger station was located:


As for staying on the island or leaving, I’d have gone with staying, at least until Lloyd’s of Avalon runs out of caramel apples.  After all, it’s the zombie apocalypse.  Once the caramel apples are gone, they’re gone for good.  Unlike, say, gasoline, of which there appears to be an unlimited supply.

By the way, did anyone else have a “look at the flowers” flashback in that final scene? Or was it just me?

Not A Review Of “Gotham”

So not long ago, I discovered that the first season of “Gotham” is on Netflix.  I discovered this because, unsurprisingly, Netflix put it on my “Recommended” list.


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