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James Viscosi is a writer in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres. He occasionally dabbles in the crime and mystery genres as well, and occasionally writes something that’s just unclassifiable.

On this site, you will find the full text of short stories that have previously appeared in various print and web-based magazines, as well as novel excerpts, announcements, and other news.


Sorry about the third person. You know how bios are. Anyway, more media-related content is available at my Lulu.com author’s page. Also please visit my Books & Anthologies and Short Stories pages for more information.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Mr V!
    Didn’t associate you with my Vizsla friend until just now!!! Please send Dennis some snuggles from Knuckles. To be honest I think I would prefer bleeding dogs to doing tech-support!!!!!

    I am so very impressed with your writing!!! I am an avid vampire freak. (don’t tell knuckles – I haven’t told him what vampires are yet and it might scare him) and I have often fancied myself a writer in the future… I can not come up with any good plots surround a Vet that don’t involve bad things or cheezy romance… hehe

    Will totally read one of your books – tell me what to start with! I am an omnivorous reader!

    The Girl (and Knuckles who needs a mushy-rawhide extraction in a minute)

    Jim says: Thanks so much! I’d recommend starting with Crows and if you like that one, moving on to Night Watchman, which I describe as “like the last third of Crows only for the whole book”. Keep an eye out for Long Before Dawn, I think it’ll be available by some time in March.

    A vet’s office sounds like a great place to get a story going. Being a longtime horror writer my mind of course immediately leaps to various sorts of bad things (as you suggested) — nascent plagues, animals injured by werewolves (or maybe even the werewolves themselves) — but it could also be something comic or fantastical, like secret agent cats plotting to take over the world, or aliens disguised as hamsters, or a dog that ate a gnome (real, not lawn-variety). Or you could even write something real-world, but I don’t have much experience with that sort of thing. 😉 You’ll eventually find a plot that appeals to you, and run with it!

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  2. Awesome! Didn’t know you were an author. Impressive collection of work you’ve done. Bravo! I’ve no time to work at mine. Hope to soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

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  3. Hi! I’m not sure exactly found my page. I thought I should stop by and see your site. 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments and support during my “angry” time! Heehee!

    Jim says: Hi, thanks for stopping by! If I remember correctly I found your page through Mercedes Rules. 🙂

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  4. My favorite type books are crime and mystery! When are you writing another one?

    Jim says: I’m currently editing a ghost story/mystery novel called Father’s Books that will be my next Lulu release. I will be posting more information as it gets closer to being ready!

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  5. Hi James!

    This is Sonic’s Pops here. Sonic left the browser at your dog Dennis’ blog after he was done blogging one day, and I stumbled across your official blog from the About page.

    Anyway, I was a pretend-writer whose career consisted of pimping products and services under the guise of magazine journalism, so I’m always really glad when someone else has the drive to start and finish a novel or at least some writing of real consequence. In your case, you have several under your belt too! Kudos to you!

    I guess I just wanted to wish you all the best with your writing!

    PS Sonic says hi to Dennis and the gang.

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  6. I found you through a WordPress search for “Fantasy.” How can I not follow a blogger who writes fantasy, loves animals and Star Trek, and has such a tremendous sense of humor.


  7. I started following your blog a few days / a week ago and I’m enjoying it. But I’m kinda slow sometimes. I just realized how clever your blog name is (Viscosi – Viscosity) Nice. !


    1. Thanks! 😃 I actually can’t take too much credit for the cleverness of the name, since “Viscosity” was my nickname in college. (It’s the sort of nickname you get when your name is “Viscosi” and you go to a school that’s mostly technology-oriented! 😁)

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