Teaser Tuesday 3/26/2013: “Wool”

This week I’m still working on Wool: Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey, the dystopian SF novel from last week.  This is a big book and well worth the $3.99 Kindle price.  It still mostly takes place in that giant silo (“They mostly stay in the silo.  Mostly.”), and at this point my speculation last week that the title, which seemed to refer to the wool pads use to scrub sensors, might also refer to the old saw about “pulling the wool over one’s eyes” has been explicitly stated.  Five points for me!

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Teaser Tuesday 3/19/2013: “Wool”

So having run out of free books, I have shelled out the princely sum of $3.99 for Wool: Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey, a dystopian SF novel that, so far, takes place entirely in a giant underground silo in which the remnants of humanity eke out an existence, while outside, the earth is a lifeless world beneath a toxic atmospheric stew.  At the moment the title appears to refer to the wool pads used by convicts (or the occasional volunteer) who goes out into the poisonous world to scrub the sensors and cameras that allow those within the silo to look out at the wasteland they have left behind, but I’m thinking it also refers to the wool being pulled over everyone’s eyes, perhaps by the silo’s IT Department.  We shall see!

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Teaser Tuesday 3/12/2013: “Bottled Abyss”

Another month, another free book from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library!  This week it’s Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Ethridge, in which a bottle containing the waters of the River Styx finds its way into mortal hands.  Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

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Random Rejection: The JABberwocky Agency

At the moment I’m between books, having finished the last one and not picked a new one yet, so there’s no Teaser Tuesday for the week. Instead I reached into my vast pile of rejection letters and pulled out this one, from The JABberwocky Agency, for a book that you may have seen mentioned here once or twice …

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