Teaser Tuesday 8/28/2012: Seed

So this week I’m reading the horror novel Seed by Ania Ahlborn. I got it for free from the Amazon Kindle lending library, which is kind of good, because I don’t like it very much; I don’t believe the characters, don’t care for the dialogue, and the excessive use of brand and pop culture references keeps making me feel like I’m reading a particularly weird article in an issue of “People” while waiting to get a haircut or something. I haven’t decided to put it down yet, but I have switched into “skim” mode. Anyway, here’s the teaser!

On a regular summer afternoon, while Jack sat slumped on the couch watching Scooby Doo on the cheap JVC, a rage slithered into his blood just as it had in the cemetery. Gilda was in the kitchen frying up cheap skirt steaks she’d picked up at the Thriftway.

Really, it’s all right to just call it a “television”. And there are other words besides “cheap” to describe something inexpensive. (If I had gone another sentence or two, “cheap” would have put in yet another appearance, this time in reference to vegetable oil; in its persistence, “cheap” is not unlike the demonic entity that follows Our Hero from Georgia to Louisiana.) Oh well. All I spent on it was the opportunity cost of using up my free book for August, so it’s okay.

Moving on, here are a couple of lines from the current page of The War of the Ravels:

She fished in her pocket, pulled out the little badge Arran Blackhawk had given her, showed it to Cynidece. “This is who I’m meeting.”
“You’re meeting a badge?”

Readers of Shards may recall a certain badge that an unofficial deputy displayed a little too proudly toward the end of the book; the badge mentioned here is, in fact, the same one as that. Like demonic entities and the word “cheap”, it gets around.

Teaser Tuesday 8/21/2012: Alive in Necropolis

This week’s Teaser Tuesday comes from Alive in Necropolis, in which a young police officer patrols the city of Colma, where the dead outnumber the living, and spend a lot of time wandering around town. So far, it’s a little bit like “The Frighteners” meets “Two Days in the Valley” — which is a good thing.

He’s pretty sure, though, that you should never trust anyone who calls you friend over and over. He has a vague sense that this is something his father taught him when he was little.

This quote is in reference to a televangelist, but I don’t know yet if the preacher is to be trusted or not. Perhaps we’ll find out, or perhaps he will never appear again after the TV is switched off.

And, as usual, here’s this week’s two lines from The War of the Ravels:

As far as Bernard could tell, the barrel was full of bait in the form of small, wriggling, shiny freshwater fish. Cynidece wasn’t being careful with the filling or the drinking, so she must have been chugging down minnows as well.

Like boba! Only fish-flavored! You would be thirsty, too, after hanging out over a chasm by your wrists for a few days …

Spoiler Sunday: The Fingers of Death

As promised, here is the last (for now) post-Shards-cliffhanger excerpt from The War of the Ravels.  In this scene from very early in the book, we discover why, exactly, the villainous sorcerer Kihantroh has been trying so hard to get hold of the gems.  As before, beware — spoilers lie ahead!  But, of course, spoilers are what you came for, so read on.

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Teaser Tuesday: 8/14/2012

This week’s Teaser Tuesday is from Ghost Stories of an Antiquary:  Part 2 by M.R. James.  James was writing stories of ghosts (and the occasional eldritch abomination) around the turn of the previous century, and has been cited as an influence by (among others) H.P. Lovecraft.  He also, as previously alluded, figures prominently in one of the Merrily Watkins books, which is what prompted me to pick up his stories.  The Kindle editions of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary are currently available for the quite reasonable price of $0.00.

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Spoiler Sunday: The Catacombs

Last week I posted a (partial) tension-reliever as to the fate of Bernard and Nebandalex after the first cliffhanger at the end of Shards; this week, it’s Mercy’s turn, after things … how shall I put it? … go less than well for her during her second run-in with the villain of the piece.

As before, major spoilers lie ahead!

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Spoiler Sunday: The Sea Caves

As anyone who has read Shards knows, it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. (Okay, a huge cliffhanger. Two of them. Sorry about that.)

Now, it’s going to be a little while yet until The War of the Ravels will be available, so in the interest of preventing undue stress, I’ve decided to post the resolutions to the cliffhangers here — or at least, part of the resolutions. These are first drafts, so they are subject to change, but they are definitely the direction the story is going in part two. Unless I change my mind.

Obviously, major spoilers lie ahead. Proceed with caution!

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