Review: “A Perfect World”

Last weekend we finally got around to watching “A Perfect World“, the Clint Eastwood film in which Eastwood plays a Texas Ranger trying to catch Kevin Costner’s escaped convict as he makes a run for freedom. Complicating matters is Costner’s hostage, a young boy he snatched during a home invasion. Lacking a father figure at home, it doesn’t take long before the boy starts going all Patty Hearst on us.

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Random Rejection: Clocktower

Today I reached into my massive pile of rejections and pulled out a relatively boring one from Clocktower Fiction’s webzine. This one was for “Love and the Tides of Darkness”, a short story that I originally wrote specifically for an anthology called On The Eighth Day. I really liked this story and tried to sell it to a bunch of different markets, but once the year 2000 rolled around, it was pretty much obsolete.

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Scene of the Month: Dragon Stones

The votes are in and the winner for the next scene of the month, by a landslide, is “Dragon Stones”. This is sort of a good thing for all you fans of “The Wolf” as it lets the anticipation drag out a little longer, given that “The Wolf” is less than half finished and would run out of scenes long before “Dragon Stones” will. (Hey, I’m trying to think positive thoughts.)

And now, here is a random scene from “Dragon Stones” for your reading enjoyment!

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