Short Stories

I don’t peddle stories to the small press much anymore; lately I’ve been selling them to, where you can buy them for the low, low price of 49 cents apiece. It’s not as much as I used to get upfront from magazines, but at least they’ll be available forever, or as long as is around … which will probably be forever.


“Curse the man,” King Lahr growled at her bowed head. “Curse him and flay him and feed him to the hogs. What’s that stretch of river to him, anyway? It’s mine! At least, it would be if old Unglor hadn’t lost it two generations ago, the fool.”

“Yes, my lord,” Cardella said softly.

“Bring me some wine,” he muttered, staring out across the vast dark empty room.




The first sign that little Eva was going to lose it was a quiver in her chin. Lucy noticed said quiver during the homily, when the church was hushed except for the voice of the priest. The acoustics in the old building weren’t the greatest and the loudspeakers seemed to be on the fritz, so if Eva started screaming, she would be by far the loudest thing in the place.




It was one of those early summer mornings when the air was cool and clear as glass beneath a cloudless sky; when birdsongs rising from the roadside bushes seemed to drown out the traffic and the radio and any other distraction that cared to compete with them. The road descended into a broad, flat-bottomed valley. Irene drove slowly along the country road, well below the speed limit, left arm dangling out the window. She was oblivious to the vehicle behind her that had crossed the double-yellow to make an illegal pass.

Until something cold closed around her wrist.

2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Jimmy,

    Glad to see you putting your creative jucies to work. I just ran into Eric Wassel recently and he asked how you were doing. I said I had not talked to you but your mom always updates me when I see her. My wife Janice works with your mom at Hospice, but you probably all ready know that. I hope you and the family are doing well, I just ordered your Dragon Stones book, maybe if your home sometime we can get together and you could sign it for me. we should colaborate on a really twisted story based on the mindless zombies we went to school with. They are still trudging around out here on a daily basis, but thats why you were smart and moved out west. I’m thinking a school for maniacks and serial killers and evil geniuses based on harry potters school – Hogwarts. Imagine sterotyping all our old teachers as deranged scholars of mayhem and destruction. Give me a shout or in this case some Email. Later. Chris – AKA Alcazar.


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