Review: “Resident Evil: Extinction”

So I finally got around to watching Resident Evil: Extinction on one of the free movie channels … and wow, I’m sure glad I didn’t pay any money to see it.  I thought the first Resident Evil was mediocre but watchable, and actually rather liked the second one.  The third one?  Not so much.

Rather than use my usual rating system of how soon it would put my wife to sleep (which would be:  Immediately if not sooner), I’m going to revert to the “Things I Learned From This Movie” format that I stole from and that I use occasionally.  Ready?  Let’s begin.

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July Scene-Of-The-Month: The Wolf

The votes are in and the readers’ choice for Scene of the Month for July is my unfinished werewolf novel The Wolf. Since I posted the prologue a few months ago, I figured I would follow it up with the scene that immediately follows it. Enjoy!

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