Sorry, No Part Two Today

So I was working on part two of my story about how I got into and out of the horror field.  I think it was a good post — unusually long (by my standards) and unusually revealing (also by my standards).  It was almost finished; I just wanted to add a few links.

And then my browser ate it.

And WordPress, which normally keeps revisions of drafts as you go along, mysteriously didn’t have any revisions of this one.

I’m just not feeling up to retyping the whole thing again right now.  So, unfortunately, I’ve got no Part Two to show you today.  Can I interest you in some talk about the legendary Chilean Meat Plant instead?

New (To Me) “Night Watchman” Review

As I mentioned a while back, I periodically Google myself to see if there are any new reviews or other mentions of my stuff.  Evidently I don’t do it often enough, though, because I’ve only just now become aware of this review (published last August by Sharon of A Bookworm’s Journey; Sharon’s dog Rusty is good friends with Dennis the Vizsla, and the two can often be found conspiring together against the squirrels) of Night Watchman. A brief excerpt:

Once I started it it was hard to put down. The characters and places Viscosi created were engaging, interesting. I would have loved for Yolanda, a psychic, to have had a bigger part.

I can’t argue with that — by the time I was done writing this book, Yolanda had become my favorite character as well.  Perhaps she’ll get her own story some day …

Sharon gives Night Watchman 4 out of 5 stars.   Thanks, Sharon!