Teaser Tuesday 7/19/2016: “Insanity (Mad In Wonderland)”

So this week I’m reading Insanity (Mad In Wonderland), by Cameron Jace, in which alleged mass murderer Alice (who may or may not be that Alice), is sprung from an insane asylum by a serial killer known as the Pillar (who may or may not be [but probably is] that Caterpillar) in order to catch another serial killer known as the Cheshire Cat (who may or may not be [but probably is] that Cheshire Cat).  If you think all this sounds a little bit like “American McGee’s ‘Alice'” meets Silence of the Lambs, you’re not the only one.


We’re all mad here.

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Teaser Tuesday 6/28/2016: “The Girl with All the Gifts”

So this week I’m reading The Girl with All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey, a post-apocalyptic zombie “hungries” novel in which society has been laid waste by a mutated (possibly weaponized) form of Ophiocordyceps.  Perhaps it takes place on the same devastated earth as “The Last of Us” …

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That Never Happened

So this week, as the school year drew to a close and my wife’s classroom prepared to shut down (forever, due to the school’s closure), she was looking for something to occupy the kids during their final days of attendance.  She thought she might show them a movie based on one of the books they read in her classroom every year:  Bridge to Terabithia.  But before showing it to the kids, she thought it would be a good idea to watch it here first, to make sure the filmmakers hadn’t screwed it up.  Because we all know what a bang-up job Hollywood always does on book adaptations, don’t we?


There’s a reason you never see a movie poster that says “From the producers of ‘Bridge to Terabithia'”

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Not A Review Of “Orphan Black”

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that I’ve been watching BBC’s “Orphan Black” since the first episode. “Orphan Black” is, of course, a show about a vast conspiracy to create, monitor, monetize, and sometimes terminate human clones, which is totally up my alley, right?

I see a mouse ... and horsies ... and a butterfly ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and Tatiana Maslany ... and ...

I see a sheep … and horsies … and a butterfly … and Tatiana Maslany … and Tatiana Maslany … and Tatiana Maslany … and …

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Teaser Tuesday 6/7/2016: “Unhappenings”

So this week I’m reading Unhappenings, by Edward Aubry.


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Teaser Tuesday 5/31/2016: “Grace Lost”

So this week I’m reading a zombie (shocker) apocalypse (shocker) novel called Grace Lost, by M. Lauryl Lewis, in which some sort of blue mist from space has coated the world and caused the dead to rise. Or something like that.


“Daddy would’ve gotten us Uzis.”

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