Not A Review of “Battlestar Galactica”

So recently I mentioned that, after any number of other series were rejected, I decided we would start watching the 2003 reboot of “Battlestar Galactica”. Obviously this show could not possibly be as good as “Breaking Bad”, because what is? But it’s still pretty good. It tends to put my wife to sleep in 15-20 minutes or so, which is longer than most movies can keep Mr. Sandman at bay. But does she actually pay any attention to it when she’s awake? For a while I didn’t think so. She didn’t really seem to know or particularly care who anyone was, leading to conversations like this:

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Teaser Tuesday 4/22/2014: “Bad Radio”

So this week I’m reading Bad Radio by Michael Langlois, in which an eternally-youthful former Army Ranger and the granddaughter of one of his old World War II army buddies have to stop a necromancer who is apparently plotting to set up a transmitter, call in an Eldritch Abomination, and destroy the world. Or something like that. At this point all I know is that the “bad radio” in question seems to be a metal ring with eight spikes on it, and it is apparently powered by sticking the spikes into the eye sockets of four people. Ouch.

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Broken Bad: The Search for Another Show

So I previously mentioned that, having finished “Breaking Bad“, I have now been charged with finding a new show that can catch and hold my wife’s attention. Although there’s been no shortage of suggestions on shows that might fit the bill, those who are familiar with my movie rating system (“This movie put my wife to sleep in X minutes”) will not be surprised to hear that the search is not going well. WARNING: Minor spoilers below!

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Teaser Tuesday 4/8/2014: “Legon Awakening: Book One in the Legon Series”

This week’s Teaser comes from a book called Legon Awakening by Nicholas Taylor. The first in a series, I started this book and then put it down, for various reasons, most of which were enumerated in a rather amusing fashion by a reviewer named Meg over at Goodreads. (Unlike me, Meg appears to have actually finished the book.) I did enjoy the book’s prologue, sort of, in that I thought the obviously-odious “Iumenta” kind of sounded like the Melniboneans of “Elric” fame.

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Neither A Review Of “Breaking Bad” Nor Of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

So as everyone knows, for the past several months we’ve been binge-watching “Breaking Bad” (which, for us, means watching one to one-and-a-half episodes a night). Sadly, we have recently come to the end of the series. Season Five started out a bit slow, and introduced some new characters, which caused a very slight and temporary slump in interest.

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