Teaser Tuesday 4/28/15: “All Saints’ Secrets”

So at the moment I’m sort of between books — I’ve started and tossed three or four free books I got from BookBub that I didn’t care for. I just started one now called All Saints’ Secrets, by Nichole Loughan. I’m still not far enough into it to know if I’m going to continue reading (my Kindle says 4%, which is not very many pages in on a 145-page book), and I got it so long ago that I don’t even remember what it’s about, but I do know I like the cover:

Don't blink.
Don’t blink.

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Not A Review Of “Léon: The Professional“

So having recently achieved an unexpectedly positive response to the Luc Besson film “Lucy” — my wife stayed awake for fully 45 minutes! — I decided to bump up another Besson film that had been languishing for a while towards the bottom of the queue:  “Léon: The Professional“.

"Why yes, I do have the coolest shades ever.  Thanks for asking."
“Why yes, I do have the coolest shades ever. Thanks for asking.”

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Fifty Shades Of Psycho

Wife (watching “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer after reading humorous Dave Barry article about it): “This looks terrible.”

Me: “Let me see.”
(takes laptop to watch trailer)

Me: “Yeah, it does look terrible.”
(stops video, surreptitiously starts “American Psycho” trailer instead)

Me: “Here, you can have it back.”
(returns laptop to wife with “American Psycho” trailer playing)

Wife (puzzled): “Wait, is this the same movie?”

Me: “More or less.”