The Early Years: Bah Humbug

From the “Oh The Holidays Have Gotten So Commercial” department:

Frosty The ... Orange ... Snowman ...
I probably thought "getting" was even nicer.
"Oh shut up, I'm speaking rhetorically." -- Evil, Time Bandits

Hmm … recalling how much I used to look forward to those holiday “specails” — ah, the good old three-channels-and-nothing-on days of the 1970s BC (“Before Cable”) — I doubt that this little screed was representative of my own views. Whoever assigned it would probably be horrified to know that I was in Lowe’s yesterday and found it overrun with tinsel and Christmas trees.

I’m still not convinced that first picture depicts a snowman. Knowing me, I might have been going for a stack of pumpkins.

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6 thoughts on “The Early Years: Bah Humbug

  1. Is it a suntanned snowman???

    I always like the Rankin & Bass Christmas specials.

    After the “Peanuts Halloween” fiasco … I can almost watch “The Little Drummer Boy” without flinching too much.


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