Random Rejection: E-scape, “Pinch Bobby ‘Til He Bleeds”

This week’s random rejection happens to be another one from E-scape, which you may remember from such other random rejections as “Comfort“.  Once again the editor has nice things to say about the story, but once again, she doesn’t like it enough to publish it, thus continuing my long tradition of entertaining editors for free.

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And On The Sixth Day

In place of the usual random rejection letter or snarky review, this week, we have my installment of The Sixth Photo, which Dennis’s friend MyEye tagged me to do.  In my case, the sixth item in the sixth folder was another folder, so I took the sixth picture from inside there.  I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that it’s a picture of a dog.

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The Depressing Song Challenge

Dennis recently got tagged by Tony in Tasmania to do the Depressing Song Challenge, but since he doesn’t usually listen to the lyrics, he asked me to handle the challenge for him.  So here I present my current top depressing song and video, “Broken”, by Seether, featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence:

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