Random Rejection: The JABberwocky Agency

At the moment I’m between books, having finished the last one and not picked a new one yet, so there’s no Teaser Tuesday for the week. Instead I reached into my vast pile of rejection letters and pulled out this one, from The JABberwocky Agency, for a book that you may have seen mentioned here once or twice …

"Dragon Stones" rejection
Possibly the last Dragon Stones rejection letter

This was probably one of the last rejections for Dragon Stones before I sold it to Hard Shell Word Factory, which (although I didn’t know it at the time) was in the process of being acquired by Mundania. I won’t go through the whole story again but after waiting something like six months for contracts from HSWF, I canceled the deal and published it myself through Lulu and the Kindle store. And of course, since it wasn’t competing at the high level required by the market, it promptly vanished without a trace.  Oh, wait, no it didn’t.

Dragon Stones Reclaims The #1 Spot On The Epic Fantasy Chart
Dragon Stones At #1 Spot On The Epic Fantasy Chart

I’m not saying that spending about six weeks at #1 on the UK Kindle bestseller chart indicates that The JABberwocky Agency’s evaluation was incorrect, but it did realize the agent’s hope for a more enthusiastic reception from other quarters. Thanks, England! And the royalty checks were about 15% higher than they would have been otherwise, so that’s quite all right, isn’t it?

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