Teaser Tuesday 2/26/2013: “Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum”

This week’s freebie book is Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum, a novel that I would (so far) characterize as “Grave Encounters” meets The Little Stranger meets my own Night Watchman (though without the gore). Two teams of ghost hunters — one of which is led by a man who has his own ghost following him around — investigate a Chicago-area haunted asylum, site of numerous suspicious arson fires and wandering apparitions. What could possibly go wrong?

He was bored. Other than a slamming door, there had been no activity of note, and certainly no documentable scientific evidence. He’d waited his entire life to investigate this place with the expectation, perhaps unrealistic, that it would be an asylum of horrors, and at the moment, it was just another case.

Hmm, something tells me the boredom will be alleviated before too long. Interesting side note: The author, who is not me, lives in Oceanside, California. Perhaps we’ll bump into him at the harbor one of these days.

And of course here’s this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels!

The underside of the wooden bridge was cramped and dirty and smelled of mud and rot and dead fish, like a lakeshore where the water level had recently dropped and left newly-exposed muck to dry in the sun. She had some difficulty getting arranged in a way where she wouldn’t slowly slip down into the water, finally locating some rocks on which to brace her feet. It made her miss the easy camouflage of a veil glamour, but given what had happened the last time she’d tried to conceal herself from Kihantroh using one of those, the old-fashioned method of hiding seemed like a better way to go.

Hiding under a bridge! Really, Mercy, are you an elf, or are you a troll?

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