Still, Still Not A Review Of “Breaking Bad”

So here we are, partway through the fourth season of “Breaking Bad”, which we started watching on Netflix back in January — obviously we are amateurs when it comes to binge-watching TV shows. At this point “Breaking Bad” has pretty much been enshrined as the Best Show Ever. Not only does it not put my wife to sleep (with the single exception of the episode “Fly“, which she characterized as “too ‘Breakfast Club’-ish”; despite being a card-carrying member of Generation X, she is not a fan of “The Breakfast Club”), but she actually tries to get me to stay awake for it. Shades of “Beasts of the Southern Wild“!

Anyway, as Season 4 unfolds, Walt finds himself in need of a means to launder all of his drug money. What better way to do that than to buy a car wash?


No no, not that car wash. This one:


Sure, Walt’s car wash may be a little less funky than the orange 70s one, but … say, Skyler, what’s that behind you?


Well look at that!

Vizsla Greeting Card
Vizsla Dog Greeting Card

Sure, “Breaking Bad” may have terrific writing, an unbelievably tight plot, superb performances, and highly imaginative camera work, but it’s now obvious that the key to its success — and the REAL source of Walt’s multimillion dollar income — is vizsla merchandising. Well played, Vince Gilligan. You almost had me believing that whole “high school chemistry becomes meth lord” concept of yours. Jeez, Skyler, why are you being so hard on your husband?


What? What’d I say?

3 thoughts on “Still, Still Not A Review Of “Breaking Bad”

  1. Who knew? Thanks for pointing that out.

    Mango Momma

    P.S. Netflix totally faked me out. That sent me an email saying that Season 6 was available on streaming. Nope, not yet. I shake my fist at you, Netflix.


  2. Ha ha ha! Who knew little red dogs were the secret to that whole criminal enterprise?

    I predict that someone here will binge watch those last eight episodes in record time. I give it before the weekend, tops!


  3. Walter White has a reason and good intention for every action he executes over the course of the show, even as his actions
    become increasingly morally questionable. Women play more mind games then men
    do, but men are better at it because most don’t recognize
    their behaviour as a mind game. I’m not going to say anything about lead actor
    Bryan Cranston.


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