Teaser Tuesday 3/4/2014: “The Prodigy of Rainbow Tower (Legends of Windemere)”

So this week I’m reading The Prodigy of Rainbow Tower by Charles E. Yallowitz, which is the follow-up to the earlier Beginning of a Hero, which pretty much read like an AD&D adventure. So naturally I thought it was great. The follow up is, as you might guess, more of the same.

She moves gracefully from the ring table to the podium and back again in delicate shoes of velvet and satin. Selenia is the most elegant woman at the school’s graduation even with her light pink buzzcut and the longsword strapped to her back.

Hmm. At my graduation I don’t think we could even throw our hats up in the air lest somebody lose an eyeball. And speaking of people who may be in danger of losing an eyeball, here’s this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels!

“Bad news,” Toad said.

“Ah, the toad speaks,” King Lahr said. “He should beware, for the croaking toad is found and eaten by the hawk.”

“Hawks don’t eat toads,” the food taster mumbled.

“I say they do and that makes it so,” Lahr snapped. Then, turning to Mercy, he said: “So, Cardella, have you made my dais clean?”

“Yes, my lord,” Mercy said.

“Have you really?” Lahr walked slowly over, inspected the floor, and then coughed up a tremendous wad of phlegm which he spat at her feet. “I see you have more work to do,” he said, turning away.

“Up yours, my lord,” Mercy muttered.

What’s this? Mercy is Cardella? Cardella is Mercy? Sounds like someone is having another identity crisis …

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