Teaser Tuesday 11/15/2016: “The Source (Witching Savannah #2)”

So about 18 months ago, I read a book called The Line, which I quite liked.  A while back the rest of the “Witching Savannah” series went on sale for like $1.99 each, so I picked up the rest of them, and this week, the random book picker on my eReader said I should read the next book in the series.  That would be this one:

Not to be confused with The Source of Magic. Or is it???

I really liked The Line, as I recall — and Goodreads confirms that I rated it four stars — but I’m unfortunately not as enamored of The Source so far.  The heroine, Mercy, seems to have gotten a lot less sensible than she was in the first book, there seems to be another love triangle developing (the one in the first book was a major item, and critical to the plot), but this one just seems forced.  Also, Mercy has gotten into the habit of spending paragraphs and paragraphs  (and paragraphs!) on internal monologuing, which tends to bring the plot to a dead stop.  Fortunately, there’s still the occasional burst of snappy dialog, which was my favorite thing about the first book, like in this little bit, when Mercy enters a room trying to act chipper after having been eavesdropping outside while the rest of her family is discussing her latest misadventure.

“Good morning, y’all. What have I missed?”

“Well, from your behavior and the tone you are taking, young lady,” Iris replied, “I don’t imagine you have missed much.”

Smooth, Mercy.  Really smooth.  Next time, take Han Solo’s advice:

Oh and I know nobody wants any more teasers from Television Man, but since I’m still in the cleaning-up-typos stage before I actually start formatting it for the eBook, you’re going to get one anyway …

“This is the right direction,” Kyle said.
“I didn’t ask what direction we’re going,” Chuck said, “I asked where we are.”  He grasped a fern frond between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it down.  Cold water ran off in rivulets.  “Do you remember anything like this on the way up?  Because I don’t.”
“Well, no, but―”
“No, of course you don’t remember them, because we never saw them before,” Chuck said.

Fly casual, Chuck.  Fly casual.

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