The Early Years: Those Are Awfully Big Words

Being a little short on time this week, and not having watched anything with Jason Momoa in it since Justice League, I decided to revisit that giant stack of old elementary school papers that my folks sent to me a while back. Seriously, it’s an even bigger pile of papers than my rejection file. Check it out:

Anyway, the thing on top of the elementary school paper pile was a folder about “the five senses”*, which was mostly things where I had to write “the eyes make it possible for us to see” and “the nose makes it possible for us to smell”** and “the tongue makes it possible for us to taste” on that big lined elementary school paper. You know, this kind of thing:

These days we know what else enters the nose through the two nostrils, don’t we?

And then there was this:

Filed under “information I never needed to use again”

What was this for, elementary school anatomy class? If so, the illustrations leave a little something to be desired … But in any case, holy hell those are a couple of ten-dollar words for a seven-year-old! “Hypoglossal”? “Glossopharyngeal”? And yet the one I spelled wrong was, apparently, “esophagus”, presumably because I had to look the first two up but thought I knew how to spell the last one. (We’ll just skate over the fact that I spelled “separated” as “seperated” in the first document.)

Ah, the old days when if you had a dictionary in your pocket you were a total nerd, instead of just a regular person with a smartphone …

* Which obviously excludes the one where you see dead people.
** As do the feet and armpits.

4 thoughts on “The Early Years: Those Are Awfully Big Words

  1. Kids of 2021: Covid enters the nose through two nostrils.

    These are adorable! It must be kinda cool looking through old school things like this. All that useless information we learned and never needed again ever in our lives..! x


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