The Early Years: Space Battle; Or, Why I Didn’t Do My Own Comic Book Artwork

My drawing ability never did get much better than this:


Watch out for the black holes!

I would suspect that the things with a little “G” on them are the good guys, and the things with a little “B” are the bad guys, in which case the bad guys appear to be getting trounced.  However, it’s not all black and white; you can see that the lopsided planet of “Nosino” down at the bottom is half good and half bad.  Ah, moral complexity invades childhood …

In case anyone is interested, the other side of this masterpiece is a mimeographed worksheet about simple machines. I may not have been much of an artist, but I knew my inclined plane from my wedge!


Hmm, maybe my drawings aren’t so bad after all …



  1. Before I read the bottom of your post, I was thinking, “The drawings on that sheet look worse than his.” I sympathize with your drawing abilities. I think we both have achieved the same level of skill in that area. I have a couple of pieces I did during a job orientation (yes, I know how irresponsible that sounds) that look about like your drawing, the only difference is that I was in my 20’s when I drew mine.


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