Knowing Your Audience

So as I’ve mentioned before, whenever something we’re watching focuses on anything like a newspaper or magazine article, source code, a computer screen, a dating profile, etc., I am always compelled to pause the video and go have a closer look. Normally what’s displayed is word-like filler material, but finally—finally!—I found a show that really, really knows its audience. That show would be Doom Patrol on HBO Max.

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The “Good Old Days”

Remember when we didn’t have things like

  • Vaccines
  • Visible minorities
  • The Internet
  • Cable television
  • Air Travel
  • Antibiotics
  • Civil Rights
  • Feminism
  • Labor laws
  • Environmental protection

Well now you can relive those glorious days with Reminisce Magazine!


Yes, this magazine actually does have a web site, although it would seem more appropriate for it to communicate via telegram.

“Reminisce” accepts submissions of true stories from the 30s through the 60s.  If I’m reading their submission guidelines correctly, they don’t pay anything, but if you send them something really good they might send you back a ’57 Chevy model bank that you can use to store coins that you find in your plastic-covered naugahyde-upholstered couch.  (Of course, many times I’ve gotten “paid” in copies rather than currency, so I’m not one to talk.)

Here’s my true story from the 60s:

First, I was born.  Then I lay around and slept a lot.  Then it was 1970.  The end.

Mmm, probably not worth a ’57 Chevy model bank …