But They Love Me In The U.K.

So last week I got a message from Amazon.co.uk that they were going to be depositing a royalty payment into my account. I wasn’t really aware that I had been making any sales in the UK, so I went to take a look at my Kindle e-book reports and was startled to find that I had sold hundreds of copies of Dragon Stones the week before. Then I visited the Dragon Stones product page, and was even more startled to see this:

Yes, that is Dragon Stones at #2 in the “Epic Fantasy” category on both the Kindle e-book and the overall (print and e-book) bestseller lists!

T'Sian the Dragon and the Elf Who's Keeping Her Out of the #1 Spot

And not only that:

That’s Dragon Stones at #14 on the overall “Fantasy” bestseller list! (This is actually a bit of a slip; it was at #11 on this list yesterday. Not that I have been checking it obsessively or anything.) I don’t really know why Dragon Stones has suddenly taken off in the UK, but it’s a nice Christmas present. And I guess it means I have to get busy on a sequel, or at least, finish one of the other fantasy novels I have sitting on the back burner …

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18 thoughts on “But They Love Me In The U.K.

  1. Well, how about that. We weren’t even aware Dennis’ dada is a writer of science fiction. Now we know where he gets the writing talent. Congratulations on such a nice Christmas surprise. We hope you sell many, many more copies. Perhaps one day Dennis will follow in your footsteps and write a series of his own adventures. But totally true ones, of course.


  2. Well congratulations. Humph. I suppose that means the next book will be another dragon fantasy and not creepy gross slime squish rotting corpse horror. Damn!

    But must be pretty cool to see (and getting some dollars doesn’t hurt either). Maybe a big book tour to the UK is in your future.

    Mango Momma


  3. I bought the book (as recommended by Amazon) to christen my kindle and annoyed by the end, came to hunt the author down for a sequel. (found you I hope) Judging by the above I see we have inspired you to write that sequel which I hope will continue your success here in the UK. As a country of legends, it’s hard to find well written books portraying dragons as more honourable beasts instead of the usual hackem n’ slashem that majority of authors write them as. Well written book with plenty of depth to the characters that puts you high on my list of recommended authors.


    1. You found me indeed! Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’ve had a number of requests for a sequel (and yes, I left those dangling plot threads so I could write one); now that people are actually reading it, I’ll have to get busy and produce one! 🙂


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