Stories Available At

I now have two short stories for sale at Stories at Amazon retail for 49 cents and are split 60/40, which is a much better deal than authors usually get, at least the ones who aren’t famous (yet).  Check them out — you can buy two for the price of an iTunes track, and they’ll take longer to read than it will to play a song.

One story, “Cuffs”, is about a couple of thugs who attempt the world’s strangest carjacking. To check it out, click here.

The other story is “The Crying Room”.  This is a ghost story in the tradition of some recent, popular Japanese horror movie imports like “The Ring” and “Dark Water” (okay, “Dark Water” was hardly popular here, but still …) I wrote it years ago, before such movies started appearing. Hollywood finally caught up to me, I guess.  Buy “The Crying Room” here.

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