The “Honest Scrap” Award

Last week, A Blog in the Rough tagged Dennis and me for the “Honest Scrap” meme, in which you have to list ten honest things about yourself, along with the exhortation “and make it interesting”.  Gosh, ten honest interesting things about me?  I’m not sure I can manage that, but let’s find out.  I’m pretty sure that by the time you’re done reading this list, you’ll consider me an even bigger geek than you do already.

  1. I once declined an interview for a writing position with a local paper back in New York because the job involved calling people up and interviewing them, thus violating one of the rules about breaking into the writing field mentioned in AlmostGotIt’s two excellent posts from a couple of weeks ago.
  2. My second agent was with a fee-charging agency.  I’ve seen arguments back and forth about paying your agent fees up front for services.  Some people think it’s fine, others think that if your agent only makes money when your book sells, they’ll be more motivated to sell it.  I can’t get inside any agent’s head, so all I’ll say is, I wouldn’t ever go with a fee-charging agent again.
  3. I was my high school class valedictorian, which meant I had to give a speech at graduation.  I was pretty motivated to avoid giving a speech, but I was more motivated to avoid coming in second.
  4. If you visit the web site of one of my now-defunct publishers, you will find that it has become an interracial porn site (at least, that’s what it was the last time I visited it).  I didn’t find out about this until some time after it happened, so for an indeterminate period, visitors to my old web site who clicked on my book link ended up seeing porn.  Oops.
  5. I once wrote a text-based dungeon crawl game for the DOS computers in our high school computer room and gave copies to other students to play.  Some of them edited the code and changed the names of the monsters to other students and/or teachers.  I think all the copies ended up getting confiscated.
  6. I still sometimes wish I had gotten an Commodore Amiga computer in college instead of a 286.  (I told you I was a geek.)
  7. Whenever a film or book comes out with a plot essentially identical to one of my unpublished works (which has happened more than once), I entertain paranoid fantasies that the writer(s) somehow got hold of one of my submissions and stole my idea.  And if it sucks, I get annoyed, because I’m sure I could have done it better.
  8. I somehow got talked into dressing up like a pirate and doing a polka routine at the San Diego Fred Astaire studio for a show that will be going on next Wednesday, February 11th, at 7pm.  I think it’s been at three or four years since the last time I did a routine, and I don’t even really know how to polka all that well, and I don’t really like dressing up in costumes.  If someone can explain why I agreed to do this, please let me know.
  9. I thought I would ride my mountain bike all the time after we moved to California, but instead it’s been sitting in the garage for months.  I think it’s because we don’t really have proper forests out here, and while I thought that I liked riding my bike, what I actually liked was riding my bike in the forest.
  10. All my cousins out here in California call me “Jimmy” and I kind of like it, because it makes me feel younger!  😉

According to the rules, I now have to tag seven others to do the Honest Scrap testifying.  That’s a lot of tagging, but here goes (feel free not to participate if you aren’t into blog tag):

I encourage everyone to check out these blogs!  For more Honest Scrap and blog tag, check out Dennis’s post.

    15 thoughts on “The “Honest Scrap” Award

    1. i will order my plane tickets so that i can arrive wednesday the 11th early afternoon, thereby making it to fred astaire’s by 7. can one of the cousins that calls you “jimmy” give me a ride to the studio?

      i can’t miss this…


    2. I accept your challenge (although it may take me a few days to get it posted). By the way, #4 gave me a good laugh.


    3. I found your answers to this meme very interesting. 4, 5 and 8 made me laugh and I can definitely relate to #7. In my case I think people are somehow getting into my head or I’m shouting my ideas out loud in my sleep, haha! I’ve always wanted to write but the furthest I ever got was a few poems, a (very) short story, a funny, nonsense short story with a friend and diaries… Then I discovered blogging! I had been reading blogs (particularly cat blogs) for some time, then one day I couldn’t post a comment on a particular blog unless I had a Google account or similar, so I signed up and found that having done so, I could also start a blog of my own. I’ve been boring the blogosphere ever since!

      I found your posts on how you got into and out of writing horror (which I’ve just read) fascinating. My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy. My first novel will probably be about a time-travelling ca… Dang! I’ve done it again! If you use this idea I’ll accept 15% of the proceeds, haha!

      I adore Dennis’s Diary by the way and his answers to the meme are hilarious!

      Sorry this is so long! 🙂 xxx


    4. I can’t wait to do this meme, once I can sit at the computer for more than 20 minutes without a power outtage! Ahhhh the country! It’s good fun reading how other people are ‘normal’ too…in fact you sound like you could be my husband’s long lost twin…he had the 286 too 🙂 !


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