“Dragon Stones” Cover

I mentioned that for my book Long Before Dawn, I took the cover photo myself. For the Dragon Stones cover, though, I had a bit of a quandary … I could hardly find a dragon and take a picture of it (they’re notoriously camera-shy and tend to eat paparazzi), and I’m not so good at the drawing thing, so I couldn’t make my own picture unless I wanted a stick figure dragon; so I delved into a couple of artwork sites (iStockPhoto and deviantART) looking for dragon illustrations. I ended up working with a group of Italian artists called Red Frog to get a modified version of their vector dragon illustration.

I just finished working on Long Before Dawn (except for getting an ISBN for distribution purposes), so it will still be several weeks before Dragon Stones comes out, but here’s a preliminary version of the Dragon Stones cover:


Feedback is welcome!

One thought on ““Dragon Stones” Cover

  1. Rusty’s mom here. I like the picture. I read a lot of this kind of fiction and the blurb sounds interetsing! Can’t wait till it come sout!

    Thanks for stoping by and commenting on Rusty’s blog!

    Jim says: Thanks! It will probably be at least another month for Dragon Stones, as I’m not quite done reformatting it and then the whole ISBN thing seems to be pretty involved. Still, it’ll be less time than the seven months I spent waiting for a contract from my “real” publisher! 😉


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