Dragon Stones Now On Amazon, B&N

Today, during my semi-monthly auto-Googling, I discovered that Dragon Stones has made its way out to Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and the like.  Interestingly enough, Long Before Dawn hasn’t reached those outlets yet, but it is available from online bookstores in the U.K.  Go figure.  Perhaps the British are more amenable than the Americans to proper vampire stories, where the vampires are monsters.

Anyway, for all my legions of fans out there who have just been waiting to be able to purchase my two latest books from somewhere other than Lulu.com (you know who you are), your wish has been granted!  You can get Dragon Stones from Amazon.com or BN.com, and Long Before Dawn from Blackwell Online and WHSmith in the U.K.  Both should be available elsewhere as well.

6 thoughts on “Dragon Stones Now On Amazon, B&N

  1. Have you ever read the “Song of Fire & Ice” by James R. R. Martin series? SOOOoooooooo awesome!!!

    Jim says: I have the first volume sitting on my shelf waiting to be read — don’t tell me anything about it!!!! 😉


  2. So is it just on the B&N website, or would the book also be in the store itself?

    Jim says: Just on the website, most likely. B&N won’t waste valuable physical shelf space on the likes of me! (However, feel free to go to your local B&N and ask for Dragon Stones. Sometimes they’ll order and/or stock something if someone requests it. 😉 )


  3. you should google the B&N small press dept. – they have a dept. that will accept small pres/self-pub submissions for shelving consideration. They’ll have you include your marketing plan, what you’ve done so far, etc. It’s worth a shot.

    Jim says: I’ve heard about this program. Unfortunately, marketing is probably just about the thing I’m worst in the world at — that’s why I spent so much time trying to get an agent. So far my marketing plan is to have another blog where my dog writes humorous phonetically-spelled posts and occasionally shills for my books. 😉


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