New (To Me) “Night Watchman” Review

As I mentioned a while back, I periodically Google myself to see if there are any new reviews or other mentions of my stuff.  Evidently I don’t do it often enough, though, because I’ve only just now become aware of this review (published last August by Sharon of A Bookworm’s Journey; Sharon’s dog Rusty is good friends with Dennis the Vizsla, and the two can often be found conspiring together against the squirrels) of Night Watchman. A brief excerpt:

Once I started it it was hard to put down. The characters and places Viscosi created were engaging, interesting. I would have loved for Yolanda, a psychic, to have had a bigger part.

I can’t argue with that — by the time I was done writing this book, Yolanda had become my favorite character as well.  Perhaps she’ll get her own story some day …

Sharon gives Night Watchman 4 out of 5 stars.   Thanks, Sharon!

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