The Early Years: Good Story

Ummmm …. no. No it’s not.



On the other hand, it does show an early recognition of the importance of carrying a comepus in yore poket wen yoo go into the wuds … oh, sorry, I seem to have gone into Dennis mode after reading that.

If I were writing this little story now, the protagonist would probably get eaten by monsters, like these poor mountain bikers did. Probably best that I didn’t end it that way originally, though, or I might have had to pay a visit to the school psychologist.  If we’d had one.

7 thoughts on “The Early Years: Good Story

  1. You got to admire brevity. From someone who has just finished the latest series of Lost, and is eagerly waiting on the next – this appears to have a similar story line – and has not taken up part of my life for whatever number of years.

    Who knows if you had teased this out what it would have turned into!

    Who will have the last laugh if Locke or Jack pulls out a compass this time next year?


  2. Well, the mystery of Dennis’ unique spelling is finally cleared up. It’s “Dada” reverting to 1st grade!


  3. That was a GREAT story! Especially for these busy modern times; I can read it while cooking dinner. It was short, to the point, and effective. Two thumbs up. 🙂

    I can’t believe you still have all these writings from your childhood. I get a kick out of reading them all.


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