The Early Years: You Forgot One

It’s never too soon to learn about the “five” senses:

I’m not sure why there’s a random math question at the bottom of a quiz about the “five” senses, but okay.  Anyway, in yet another example of the woeful state of the American educational system, there’s a sense missing from this list:

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9 thoughts on “The Early Years: You Forgot One

  1. 136 … do I win a prize?

    Those old mimeograph sheets really show what great printing skills teachers had … and I can just see them lining up their ruler for the answer section.


  2. We learn to spell by seeing the letters and by hearing the word spelled, and Braille readers feel the spelling with their fingers.


  3. Merry Christmas!

    It’s almost here over here. I’m expectant, but not preoccupied with the amazingness of the clock going to 12:00.

    I’m sure 12:01 will find me here without a chimney or a stocking to nail to it.


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