“Long Before Dawn” Now Available For Kindle

Not long ago, I announced that Dragon Stones had been ported to the Kindle e-book format. It has now been joined by Long Before Dawn, my vampire novel. Also, both Long Before Dawn and Dragon Stones are now available for Kindle for only 99 cents. Save a tree and a lot of money* and read electronically!

Also, the new version of A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder has now made its way to Amazon.com and elsewhere; the prior edition, from BookSurge, has been discontinued. Crows isn’t on Kindle yet, but that will be my next project, and then I might finally get back to re-editing my other books and getting them out as well. Or I might not. We’ll see how busy Dennis’s Diary of Destruction keeps me in the coming year.

Keep voting for the next scene-of-the-month! Will The Wolf continue its months-long winning streak? Feel free to stuff the ballot for your favorite!

* Except for the fact that you have to shell out a few hundred dollars for the Kindle itself … but my books are a lot cheaper on Kindle, so if you buy like ten copies of Dragon Stones then the Kindle will have paid for itself!

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