Crosspost: stuf frum japan wot isnt elektroniks!!!

Because I’m feeling lazy, and because Planet Ross is a frequent reader/commenter here, I thought I would cross-post Dennis the Vizsla‘s article about the book Ross sent him from Japan. As you can see, Dennis is a great connoisseur of literature, and also has friends in high places.

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this seems to be my week for loot on akkownt of i got another packadj frum beyond the see chek it owt!!!

japaneez loot!!! no dada it is not elektroniks go away!!!

this packadj is frum my frend planetross hoo livs in the mithical land of japan yoo may hav herd of japan it is faymus for sushi and playstayshun and godzilla!!!

illustrayshun of the faymus mith of how godzilla brawt sushi and playstayshun to the japaneez ilands

oh boy i wunder wot is inside dada unrap it unrap it unrap it!!!

cardbord with misteeryus karakters on it!!! wot cud this meen??? i no hoo can tel me the anser!!!

robert langdon tuk the packadj away for lengthy study and finaly reeternd with his reeport!!!

so i tuk sophies advise and opend the owter packadjing and luk wot i fownd!!!

a buk frum planetross!!!

the other side of the buk frum planetross!!!

its a buk frum my frend planetross with a kolekshun of his blog posts in it!!!

a representativ paydj of the inside of the buk frum planetross!!!

and luk it has got a note inside it frum planetross to me!!!

thank yoo planetross i wil be shoor to leev this buk at the seen of my nekst krime!!! of korse it wil probly be a krime aginst furnitcher but stil!!! this is verry gud timing becuz i am in need of noo reeding mateeryal having finished with the oxford english dikshonerry erlier this week!!!

i am not going to let sum silly buk tel me how to spel things!!!

but do not wurry planetross!!! i wil be kind to yore buk and wil not shred it not eeven a littel!!! thanks for sending it!!! ok bye

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