Temporary Hiatus

Hi everyone, Jim here. The astute reader may have realized that I haven’t been around to visit or leave comments over the last couple of weeks; this is because I was hospitalized for a while as a result of a sudden, unexpected medical condition. I am home recuperating now but will mostly be out of commission, computer-wise, for some time as I recover. (There’s one more scheduled Teaser Tuesday post queued up and after that the blog will go dark for a few weeks or months.)

I will be back eventually, but for now, I’ll let my furry friends at The Oceanside Animals explain things from their perspective:

Charlee: “Hello, everyone! It’s us, The Oceanside Animals!”
Chaplin: “Some of you may have noticed by now that we haven’t been around much recently to visit our friends or leave comments. This is because our Dada has been in the hospital since November 7th with a serious, unexpected medical condition, and was not available to help us out with the computer.”
Lulu: “Yes, apparently we don’t know our own passwords, and we don’t have thumbs to type with, either. Makes it tricky to get things done when Dada is not around.”
Charlee: “Anyway, he is home again now and mostly out of danger, but there’s going to be several weeks or months of rest and recuperation during which time he will still not be available to help us out with the computer much.”
Chaplin: “Slacker Dada.”
Lulu: “While Dada is recovering there will continue to be previously scheduled Wordless Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays, but there won’t be any new Sunday adventures or Caturday Matinees for a while once those run out.”
Chaplin: “Once Dada is better he will get back to telling our story and we can maybe finally find out what’s going on with the giant trolls, the Magic Flying Coaster, and why smurf pants smell so bad.”
Charlee: “I don’t know what any of that means and I don’t think I want to.”
Chaplin: “In the meantime, here’s a short video of Dada coming home from the hospital, when Dr. Lulu diagnosed him with a severe case of ‘Lulu Love Deficiency’ and began applying emergency therapeutic measures.”
Lulu: “Lulu Love: The best medicine there is.”



6 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

  1. well, at least you have some sort of XXXX-key-oose ! I post infrequently due to mental inertia, which may be related to laziness, hearing the whiskey bottle calling out for me, and less and less imagination and inspiration. o(i)hl well …


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