Teaser Tuesday 4/16/2013: “Oz Reimagined”

This month’s free Prime book is Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond, a collection of short stories inspired by, you guessed it, the Oz stories of L. Frank Baum. Not just based on the characters from the Wizard of Oz, the stories includes Ozma, the Gump, Jack Pumpkinhead, and others. The collection has a foreword by Gregory Maguire of Wicked fame, which should tell you that you are in for some revisionism. As in this story, “Off to See the Emperor”, by Orson Scott Card, in which six-year-old Frank Baum and nine-year-old Theodora are trying to get Theodora’s mother’s ring back, and the Lion is being less than helpful about it.

“When you grow up,” said the lion to Frank, “do not marry this girl. I can promise you, she’s a future witch.”

“I”m not going to marry her!” said Frank. “She’s nine and I’m six.”

“I’m not a future witch,” said Theodora. “I’m a witch now.”

Speaking of witches, here’s this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels! I didn’t get very far on it the last few weeks (readers of Dennis‘s blog will know why), but it’s still moving along more or less on schedule. (Slightly more less than more, but these things take time!)

She remembered what Bernard had told her about the Illata when it had belong to the dwarves and had been called the Brisindeld, how it had powered their entire city for years. Now here were two of them, and Kihantroh had fully discharged them over the course of a few minutes.

Hmm, perhaps it’s time to put those gems in the wall charger and get them powered up again …

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