The One

No, not this one:


Or this one:


This one:



With a new font (Baskerville vs. Hoefler Text), a smaller point size, new margins, and a few other modifications, the print edition of Shards is finally (finally!) approved and in the process of going on sale via Amazon. It is already available directly from Amazon’s CreateSpace subsidiary, and for those who have an Amazon gift certificate burning a hole in their pockets (you know who you are), it should be showing up at within a few days.

So what’s next for the never-ending “Strings” saga? Well, the Ingram edition of Shards is back in progress, now that the formatting is nailed down. Ingram will be handling all non-Amazon distribution, which means that once it’s ready, I’ll be taking down the direct-through-Nook eBook so that Ingram can replace it with theirs. And, of course, there’s the little matter of the print edition of Ravels … but that should go much faster, because — through the magic that is Scrivener — all I have to do at this point is hit the “Compile” button to get a PDF that has all the exact same formatting as Shards. In fact, I just did! Now I just have to wait for CreateSpace to finish processing it, and order a proof. Not that the “online proof” version doesn’t look good:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.30.24 AM

But still, when it comes to proofing, it’s still all about the dead tree edition. Stay tuned for updates!

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