Who’s That?

So last week we (mostly me) watched “Trouble with the Curve,” in which Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams work through their father/daughter issues, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake work through their career vs. relationship issues, and some kid fails to work through his curveball-hitting issues.

“So then I says to him, I says, ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?’ And he did. But he wasn’t.”

Now generally speaking my wife doesn’t pay any attention to baseball movies, so it’s difficult to rate them on the “how fast did this movie put my wife to sleep?” scale.  But in this case I noticed her casting puzzled glances at the screen, as if she was trying to figure out where she had seen these people before.  So I made some inquiries.

Me: “Do you know who that is?”
Wife: (peering at Amy Adams)  “Spider-man’s girlfriend?
Me: “That’s pretty close, actually.”
Wife: (pause)Batman’s girlfriend?
Me: “Not quite. She did play Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane.”
Wife: “But they all have red hair, right?”

Having established that my wife almost knew who Amy Adams was, we then proceeded to the Double Jeopardy round.

Me: “How about him?”
Wife: (peering at Clint Eastwood) “He’s somebody famous.”
Me: “Oh he sure is! It’s Clint Eastwood.”
Wife: “I think he’s gotten too much sun over the years.”

We didn’t get to Triple Jeopardy―identifying Justin Timberlake―because, not realizing he was in this film, I gave it away when he appeared by saying, “Is that Justin Timberlake?”

I obviously have no future as a game show host.

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