Pitch Perfect!

Thank you to everyone who voted (or tried to vote but couldn’t get through the login process, which took me a like the whole week to understand) — Shards has won the Pitch Perfect award for the week of February 6th!


What this means is that Shards gets featured in the Underground Book Review newsletter, on their Pitch Perfect Picks page, and on their social media pages, of which they have many:

Underground Book Review‘s social media links
Shards is also now in the running for UBR’s 2017 Novel of the Year award.  There are two varieties of this award, one chosen by the editors and one by the readers.  We have quite a ways to go until the end of 2017, so it’ll be a good long while before there’s any more news about that award.  Like I said when I saw that I’d been put on the Pitch Perfect finalists list, it’s an honor just to be nominated!  But winning is pretty nice, too.  Thanks again to all of you who made it happen!  And a special shout out to Dennis the Vizsla, who let me borrow his blog last week, and to all his nice reederz who helped put Shards over the top.  Dennis, you will be getting some extra cookies this week!

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