Teaser Tuesday 9/17/19: “The Forgotten Ones”

This week’s Teaser Tuesday comes from The Forgotten Ones, by Laura Howard.


The Forgotten Ones is about Allison, a girl young woman—she’s supposed to be 21, but thinks and acts like she’s 14, as do the other mid-20s adult characters—whose mother got involved with a fae, had his child, and subsequently lost her mind. (This is the sort of thing that typically happens when you get involved with the fae. Philo, take note.) 20 years later, Allison’s father shows up again, looking exactly like he does in some old pictures.

I’d never met my father, but under my mattress I hid the only scrap I could find with his image on it. The picture—a strip of them actually—was taken before I was born in a photo booth in Ireland.

Whoa, a photo booth? That’s a rather cramped and awkward location to choose for delivering your baby. Although it would certainly make it easy to document the entire event, as long as you didn’t run out of quarters.

Speaking of running out of quarters, somebody in the scene I’m currently editing in Father’s Books apparently hasn’t visited the laundromat in a while:

Rose mechanically sorted the garments and began stuffing them into a small wicker hamper that already overflowed with clothes. “Honestly, Dad, you would never do your laundry if I didn’t remind you,” she muttered, as if he were standing shame-faced in the corner with nothing left to wear but shorts and a T-shirt and mismatched socks.

Ah, yes, laundry. So exciting. If that doesn’t make you want to read Father’s Books when it’s finally finished, then I don’t know what will …

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