An Annie-Versary

So as of the time of this post, it was exactly one year ago—9:13am on 11/7/2019—that I woke up on the floor in the living room.

As described previously, after the weird sensation at around 8:45am, which turned out to be an undetected cerebral aneurysm rupturing and causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage, I had taken time out to (1) get dressed and (2) let the dog out into the backyard, then had gone to the kitchen—AKA the most distant point in the house from my closet—to get that phone, rather than using the one in the bedroom, because … reasons? And when the phone in the kitchen didn’t work (due, no doubt, to operator error), I headed for the phone in the living room, but didn’t quite make it.

Since I already described The Event and its aftermath quite extensively back in January, there’s not much more to cover about it here; I just wanted to note the fact that it’s been a year since it happened. I remember, back at the beginning of 2020, hoping it would be less eventful than 2019. See how that turned out?

Despite the many suggestions I received at the time, I never did play the lottery. Maybe I should have, but I probably already burned through my allotment of luck for a while …

4 thoughts on “An Annie-Versary

  1. That’s a bittersweet kind of anniversary. Utter poop that it happened vs blessing that you’re here today. I’m glad that you’re here, that you’re as well as can be and sharing your experiences. The wish for a less eventful 2020 didn’t pan out but hey, there’s always next year! xx


  2. We are extremely happy that you did not come to visit us…or your own angels, Mr James.

    Each new year for you is like a birthday in a way, because it was the start of the new you. I have that feeling too, having survived over 12 years from a stage 3b cancer diagnosis.

    I believe it is a way that God reaches out to us to send his messages…but its fine if you have other thoughts…


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