The Early Years: Mother Said, “Where Are Your Pants?”

So this week I was taking something out of the closet in the office when I accidentally knocked over a pile of “The Early Years” materials, reminding me that I hadn’t done one of those posts in a while. And since the stack had conveniently shuffled itself by falling on the floor, this seemed like as good a time as any to pull something out of it; and so I present, “Scrambled Eggs”.

Now although this document (which is clearly a mimeograph ― can you smell the purple ink?) identifies itself as an “unscramble the sentences” type assignment, I would prefer to think of it as an “interpret what the hell Yoda is saying” type assignment, to wit:

Adding all the Mmmms and semi-insane cackles* at appropriate points in the speech is left as an exercise to the reader.

* You try living all alone for a few decades in a hut in a swamp on Dagobah and I bet you’ll start emitting semi-insane cackles too. Especially if you have to deal with seagulls poking you in the coconut on the beach.

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