White & Nerdy?

So I recently had occasion to look up some old Weird Al videos, specifically, “I Lost On Jeopardy”:

This being the Internet, having looked for one Weird Al video, I was then followed around by ads and suggestions for other Weird Al videos, so of course I have been watching them, because Weird Al videos never get old. These have included old favorites like “Amish Paradise”:

New favorites like “The Saga Begins”, which I had never heard of until a few years ago when a friend at the studio sang a few bars (“My, my, this here Anakin guy, maybe Vader someday later now he’s just a small fry”) and was shocked that I had no idea where that had come from:

And then there was this one, “White & Nerdy”, a song with which I was familiar, but whose music video I had never actually watched all the way through before:

This particular video caused me to pause for a closer look in a couple of spots, in particular, here:

“🎵 … I’m a champion at D&D … 🎵”

Me: “Looks like a D20 and a D8, but it’s only a 15, so that’s not a great roll.”
Wife: “What?”

And also here:

“🎵 … X-Men comics you know I collect ’em … 🎵”

Me: “I have at least three of those comics he’s holding up.”

Not to mention here:

“🎵 … I memorized “Holy Grail” really well, I can recite it right now … 🎵”

Me: “I have that exact DVD on the shelf in my office.”*

And, finally, here:

“🎵 … even made a home page for my dog … 🎵”

His dog’s home page is probably more popular than his own, just like my dog’s home page is**. So anyway, what’s the verdict on “White & Nerdy”? Is it applicable? What do you think? Is there really any question?

Me: “Is this song about me?”
Wife: “Maybe.”

I guess that means now I have to get a Segway:

Hey, didn’t I used to have a bike helmet like that … ?

* And let’s not forget that I named one of our dogs after Dennis the Constitutional Peasant.
** That most popular dog being the aforementioned Dennis, of course.

4 thoughts on “White & Nerdy?

  1. I’ve always thought nerdy is sexy. I remember this guy I sat next to in English class when I was about 14 explaining D&D to me. I’m pretty sure I was the only one of the female species he’d been able to talk to about it who actually understood what it was. Nerdy is sexy and awesome. Segways not so much 😂


  2. I love Weird Al! There seem to be a few I missed out on?? Let’s see if I can find them for my area.
    (Who came up with area restrictions anyways? #firstworldproblems)


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