“Father’s Books”: The Non-Limited Edition Cover!

So those who have been around here for a while may recall that I published my most recent novel, Father’s Books, with a “temporary limited edition” cover while I was waiting for the final cover artwork from Émilie Léger, who has provided the cover art for each of my books since Shards. For most of those books I selected an existing piece from Émilie‘s oeuvre*, but in the case of Father’s Books I couldn’t find one that seemed quite right, and so Émilie created a new one for me, which can now be revealed:

Original cover:

New cover:

Same concept, much more dramatically executed. Amazing what you can do when you have artistic talent, isn’t it?

The eBook edition of Father’s Books is already updated with the new cover, and I’m currently working on updating the paperbacks, which is a considerably more involved process, as it requires the laying out the front cover, spine, and back cover as well as the obtaining of sample copies to verify proper printing, etc. So it’ll be a little bit yet before the dead tree editions have the new cover. Also, while I’m at it, I fixed two typos in the manuscript, because my goal is zero defects in the editing department.

Of course, my goal is zero defects in the plotting and characterization departments, too, but that’s a little harder to achieve.

It’s good to have goals, though.

* French!

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