Technical Support, Mandalorian-Style

So a while back I mentioned that, a year or two after everybody else, I had started watching The Mandalorian on Disney+, and that I had hoped my wife would like it, since she had, unexpectedly, been a fan of the late, lamented, sabotaged-by-Fox Firefly, not to mention the film Pitch Black; so there’s a precedent for her enjoying the Space Western* genre. Sadly, she tuned out The Mandalorian almost immediately, other than her recently-noted strong objection to the characterization of the Frog Lady as a “Frog”. But then there was this scene, at the beginning of a recent episode, after the Mandalorian’s has sustained major damage, requiring Baby Yoda** to be dispatched into, let’s call it a Jefferies Tube, so that the Mandalorian*** can talk him through a minor wiring repair. How does that go? About as well as you would think.

Hmm … seems like Baby Yoda and Baby Groot went to the same school for their A+ certification.

Anyway I found this scene in The Mandalorian so hilariously dead-on that I had to watch it twice. And then I had to wake my wife up and make her watch it.

Me (nudging wife awake): “Check this out. The Mandalorian is providing technical support.”
(Wife watches scene and starts grinning)
Me: “Good example of tech support, right? Did you like that scene?”
Wife: “It was cute. Is that how you feel when you’re trying to talk people through things?”
Me (beat): “Uh, maybe sometimes.”

Of course, one cute scene is hardly enough to get my wife watching a program, so, as per usual with The Mandalorian, she promptly fell asleep again, thus missing all the blaster fights and aerial dogfights and whatnot that constituted the balance of the episode, but that’s just as well; she had already wrung all the enjoyment out of the episode that was available to her.

* There is, however, no precedent for her enjoying the Western Western genre. (Westworld doesn’t count.)
** I know, I know, his real name is Grogu. “Baby Yoda” is a much cuter name than “Grogu”, though. “Grogu” sounds like a condition you get from eating meat infested with parasite eggs or something.
*** While we’re on the subject of real names, yes, I know, the Mandalorian’s is “Din Djarin”, but come on, does that roll off the tongue? (Names are not a strong point of Star Wars. Let’s not forget that this is the universe that gave us a clan of Mandalorians named after crazy red dogs.)

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