Spamcommentology, Part III: Praise and Insults

Now that we’ve dispensed with the fake advice and fake technical support spam, it’s time to look at another common category: Fake praise and fake insults. The fake praise is designed to get you to approve it even though it’s clearly B.S., and the fake insults are designed to provoke a response even though they, too, are clearly B.S. For example:

“Thank you for the wonderful info that I’m not sure where you got it from and that I used to need but don’t anymore.” 🤔
It’s arduous to seek out educated individuals on the subject of “Marley & Me”? Oookay then.
That’s an awfully long pause just to come up with the word … “Relevant”.
I will definitely get right on filling in the gaps in logic in my cat video. Because cat videos are all about the logic.
Apparently I don’t know what my blog is about.
I’m pretty sure I would not win that contest.
Well, technically Marley was probably already “fixed” …
Ha ha ha ha ha no you didn’t.
Yes, shame on you, search engines! Especially you, Bing!

Tune in next week for another category of spam comments: Word Salad!

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