Spamcommentology, Part II: Seeking Fake Technical Support (And Fake Technical Comments In General)

So last week I posted some examples of spam where the spambot was allegedly seeking advice about various things, such as blogging platforms, AOL, and sex toy manufacturers. This week I’m back with a somewhat related category of spam, in which the spambot either claims that there’s something wrong with your site which they beseech you to fix, or else tries to make it sound like they are totally hip to today’s technology and so are you. Unfortunately, it seems like spambots don’t get updated regularly, and so these sorts of comments are often hilariously out of date. To wit:

Oooh, they have iPhones in Idaho now! Not to mention 3G!
As you can see from the preceding, it’s bizarrely popular for spambots to claim to have arrived at one’s site via the now-defunct “discovery engine” StumbleUpon. No doubt such alleged commenters are accessing StumbleUpon after getting online via their dial-up AOL accounts. Oh, and, speaking of completely outdated technology …
Yes, it’s true, Internet Explorer sucks. Basically every web site on the planet has compatibility issues with it. Of course, IE has not been the, uh, “market chief” for like a decade, having long since been supplanted by Chrome. Anyway, if you’re still using IE in this day and age, you get what you deserve, spambot.
RSS = “Really Stupid Spam”

The astute reader may have noticed by now that some posts seem to attract more spam than others. On this blog, I get tons of attempted spam on the “gest revyoo of marley and me” post. I don’t really know why, but I would suspect it has something to do with “Marley and Me” being in the title, as this was a popular book and movie, and there’s not much point in putting your spam on a post that nobody’s going to StumbleUpon, right? Although of course they still do it, because when you throw spaghetti at the wall, it doesn’t stay on the plate.

Tune in next week for the next installment of Spamcommentology, when we delve into another common category of spam comments: Praise and Insults!

4 thoughts on “Spamcommentology, Part II: Seeking Fake Technical Support (And Fake Technical Comments In General)

  1. Ha ha, this is too funny. I’ve been thinking of putting some of my spam out there, since I get loads lately from what seems to be 1 single website … Please more! This is hilarious 🙂


  2. The amazing power of 3G. Be warned, James. In 20 years, you’ll be getting spam messages about how your website looks great, and he’s running 4G! By then, the world will be on 10G.

    It took me a while to read Dennis’ Reyvoo of Marley and Me. I’m not up on my dog vernacular and accents. I will say though, I feel mighty proud of myself for figuring out things like “obeedyense” (obedience). I imagine you might be right with the title leading to more spam. That’s an interesting one.

    I still don’t fully understand why people spam like these morons do. I get some – they’re inserting links – but others just seem so weird and pointless.

    What does “practice something from other sites” mean? Is Emanuel Kuprewicz going to practice Lulu’s tips, do you think? x


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